First device in Baltics!
Results without the surgery

EVA is a wonderfully innovative and high-tech concept for full facial rejuvenation, which means it’s suitable for men and women of all ages regardless of complaints, concerns or issues with their complexion.

The treatment consists of three phases, each with a specific function that works towards your perfect individual treatment.

What is Eva Facial

EVA – Endo Ablative Vibration: the new high-tech concept for a complete treatment protocol for facial rejuvenation. Three methods are integrated into the EVA protocol, which carries out complete skin and muscle regeneration work, for an innovative, effective, safe and completely non-invasive therapy.

Areas of application

– Lip area

– Periocular area (crow’s feet)

– Forehead area

– Genal-nasal area;

– Cheekbone area

– Glabella area

– Neck and neckline

How does it work

Phase 1

M.A.S. (Sensorised Ablative Microvibration) — is carried out via a handpiece designed specifically to ensure that the exfoliating action creates continuity with the FACE treatment.

The tissue is subjected to a particular friction which has the purpose of smoothing the epidermis. The gel microspheres are positioned on a rotation axis and offset by 13,7°.

Results of Phase 1thorough exfoliation, brightening of the skin, stimulation of cell regeneration, elimination of toxins, evens out the complexion.

Phase 2

FACE (Sensorised Compressive Microvibration) —

 is carried out via the new FACE handpiece with the following innovations:

  • Sensor System, which optimizes the work of the operator
  • microspheres made from an exclusive patented gel with a 15 shore density
  • self-lubricating sliding system, reduces to a minimum friction on the tissue, making it possible to work in dry conditions.

Results of Phase 2 – the treatment smooths wrinkle, lifts the cheeks, plumps the lips, shapes facial contours, relaxes the facial expression muscles.

Phase 3

V.E.V. (vibro-electro-delivery) —

 facilitates the transmission of active ingredients to the tissue, thanks to electric square-wave pulses.

Results of Phase 3 – the treatment reduces bags under the eye, erases dark circles, evens out the complexion, activates cellular metabolism, deeply nourishes the skin.

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